A looong weekend

Monday in Queensland is a public holiday to observe labour day, which is quite apt because yes, I’m working. Now before you pity me that I don’t get three whole days off (in a row!), I’m not that concerned actually.

Long weekends are the perfect structure for me. I’ve had time to spend with friends and family, time to catch up on housework and time to work while clients are away and I can control their computers whenever suits, without interrupting them. It’s also the last weekend before school recommences for the kids so add in polishing shoes & gathering all required school items prior to the first morning back.

This weekend I’m deploying service packs & updates for a client. Most of the work is centralised, so I don’t have to touch each PC & it’s all done remotely.

Learning a new Cloud migration tool is fun too (hello, SkyKick) , but a little daunting at the same time. Fortunately the support team have been more than helpful so far.

So that’s my long Labour weekend, with a little more labour than most. But I’m not complaining!

Anyone else snuck in some work this weekend?



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