Flipped your Windows 10 screen?

I’m laughing because I just managed to flip my screen while writing the title of this post.

The keyboard shortcut for rotating your Windows 10 display is Ctrl +Alt + one of the arrow keys.

Sometimes I manage to trigger this by accident. I’m not holding down Ctrl + Alt, but if I press an arrow key to go back and edit a typo, I’m suddenly looking at things on my screen sideways or upside down:

Windows 10 screen display upside down

The trick to get it back?

Hold Ctrl + Alt and press your Up arrow.

Then all is right in the world, even down under in Australia.




One thought on “Flipped your Windows 10 screen?

  1. My 10 month old son sometimes hits keys on the keyboard and does this – must be left hand on ctrl + alt and right hand on the arrow keys!

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