Outlook 2016 Attach File menu disappears

We’ve seen some strange ‘attach file’ behaviour in Outlook 2016 installed via Office 365 ProPlus.

Specifically, when you click on the Attach File icon, the dropdown menu of Recent Items and other locations disappears, rolling back up. You can’t actually attach a file.

This behaviour appears when Outlook updates the Recent Items list.

Outlook 2016 Attach File Recent Items

It does not happen for all users. Love those random problems.

The workaround is:

  • Click on File, Office Account
  • Click Sign out under your User Information.
  • Restart Outlook.
  • Sign In again

Sadly, the Microsoft Community forums are full of posts and replies form people saying ‘me too’. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/office_2016-outlook/outlook-2016-disappearing-attach-file-menu/717b604f-3c31-4c4f-990e-50501e0e8b50

I saw one Microsoft response saying they were aware of the problem, but can’t find anything official to say it’s been recorded as a bug or if they are working on a fix.




7 thoughts on “Outlook 2016 Attach File menu disappears

  1. I have a similar (possibly related) problem ; If I create a file and save it on a server drive that is mapped then outlook 2016 can’t see the maps ; Windows 10 file explorer can however see all the maps. So I guess outlook don’t talk to File explorer ?

    So if i navigate to my file in file explorer I cannot drag the file across to the email I want to attach it too. OR If I type the full server path to my file in the outlook (insert an attachment) window outlook 2016 still can’t find it.

    This only happened when my workstation upgraded from w7 to w10

    The only workaround I have is to use file explorer and copy the file to my desktop so outlook 2016 can find it – send my email and then delete the file from my desktop

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  3. Under Outlook where I work the account isn’t actually signed into Outlook so you cannot sign out. If you go under ‘File’ and ‘Office Account’, but the option is not available to you; close out of Outlook entirely. Open the start menu and type ‘Windows Credential’. A ‘Windows Credential Manager’ application should appear under the results. Go under there and you see see a list of various credentials your computer has held onto. Remove any that relate to ‘Microsoft Office’, ‘One Drive’ or ‘Pop’ ( as in Pop mail). Then reopen Outlook. You may be asked to enter your mail password or you may not. It kind of depends on your mail setup. Try opening the file attachment drop down again and see if it is working now. This has worked for 3 of my users.

  4. Had a slight mistype on my previous reply that I wanted to correct.
    I meant to say “…but the option to sign out is not available to you…”

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